10 de septiembre de 2017

CDD - Haapy Hello

Happy Sunday and welcome to my blog!

I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday as a family!

I'm so happy, I have been following a store that I love it! They were looking for DT and I decided to send my aplplication .I never thought they would choose me (I know it is very pessimistic of me !!!) the jobs that the DT do are incredible and the stamps are so cute So when they chose me to jump out, I don't fit into my self...

The store that I speak is Craftin desert Divas but they know it I invite you to visit them by clicking here.

Without boring them so much I show you the card, it's super clean and simple as I like it!!!

Use painter's tape to mask the panel and achieve a sort of sunbeams, leave a space in the upper corner to simulate the sunlight. Apply yellow distres ink with an applicator. Once I had my panel I followed with the Happy Hello stamp coloring that you can get here.

Coloring with Giotto pencils I got them in an artistic bookstore and I got $ 200 (Argentine pesos) the 36 colors. I want you to know that I declare my unconditional love to those pencils! They are very good!

Finally apply with a light gel white pen and with accent glossing apply on the balloons and on the stones of the bird to give a beautiful detail.

I hope to see them in the social networks of Craftin desert divas:

Good start to the week I look forward to next Sunday to see more about CDD.

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