21 de junio de 2017

Scrapbooking's workshop


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I could not wait to publish this post. I love making cards and more I love meeting people who share the same love as me. The afternoon seemed to know that we were going to get together some crazy scrap lover and we waited with a radiant sun.

The table was ready to welcome all, the beautiful bags of gourjuss were waiting for us; To my divine blue color that seemed to guess that was my favorite color.

Gradually we discovered that there was in that bag, little by little we took the tools, colors, brushes and the joy to start.

Andrea prepared and we all agreed to start making one of the many cards that I prepare for the workshop:

We continue to set up other cards, eating rich pies and pizzas, stopping to drink the drink is not something that falls on the table and ruin the cards! The second card was made and the joy was felt among all. The talks, the laughter more and more contagious ... that if at the time of painting nor the sound of the flies was heard.

The afternoon was already falling and the third card was waiting for us, I by my side use pencils that I had never used and I fell in love !!!

It was already night and three cards were missing, if three cards !!! The third was finished:

Now we had the fourth, but this time the table was full of bills and mate (for me tea). The fourth card we were all waiting for, the one that cost the most and the one you enjoy the most:

The fifth card left me alone in the solarium armandola while they all said goodbye, the night fell and everyone was happy !!!!

The sixth was homework, which is still pending for completion.

Thanks to Andrea for letting me be a part, for being a great teacher and for so many beautiful things that I set for ourselves. Super generous with her materials, knowledge and love for what she does.

Happy to have gone, my first workshop and surely will not be the last. If you want to know if it is repeated, I invite you to her facebook.

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